Company Info

What AmeriCat Does is not Magical - It is just good old fashioned claims work!

Our History

AmeriCat has been in the business of handling catastrophe claims dating back to the 1960’s when we were first known as Nagel’s Claims Service as founded by Owen V. Nagel. Owen, along with his wife Wanita, built a long and successful career of providing catastrophe service to the insurance industry. Along the way, Owen brought two brother-inlaws into the business, his father-in-law and two sons.

The AmeriCat brand was first introduced as a part of the AmeriGroup family of companies in 1992 when it joined sister companies AmeriClaim and AmeriRisk in a move to Aurora, CO. In 2000, AmeriCat took another leap forward with its move to Oklahoma City. In 2003, Bill Nevill took over AmeriCat and moved the main office of AmeriCat to San Antonio, TX. Today, Bill Nevill is establishing Americat as a full fledged national catastrophe operation.

AmeriCat’s mission remains the same as it was when we started, not to be the biggest—just the best! Everyday, we place emphasis on communications, availability, quality and value to clients. These cornerstones remain as the foundation of our mission. We believe that our work product must be of value to our clients if we want our clients to value our service. We do not care about being the largest independent service - we only care about being the best.

William (Bill) Nevill, SCLA, RGA
President of AmeriCat

Bill has been a Branch Owner with AmeriClaim for over 6 years and has successfully grown the business in Texas and Louisiana through careful, consistent and efficient claims handling. Bill is a Multiline GA with 31 years of experience in the industry. He has handled large loss claims ranging up to $1 million. He is experienced in Xactimate, Simsol, Powerclaim and Integra estimating software. Bill is very involved in numerous insurance associations; particularly with the Texas Claims Association.

Bill has been engaged in Catastrophe claims since 1992 when Hurricane Andrew occurred. He has worked Cat claims as an Adjuster, General Adjuster, Team Leader, Cat Site Manager, and as an ‘indirect manager’ for several insurance companies. At the outset of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Bill was named President of AmeriCat. In an effort to round out his catastrophe experience, Bill became Flood Certified and holds licenses in 14 states, and is an active member of the National Association of Cat Adjusters.